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Outcomes Matrix

Getting started to plan and measure your impact is straight forward – especially if you understand the ultimate goal you want to achieve and the activities (projects / interventions) you will deliver.

Having a theory of change model will help a lot if you are not sure – you can find some guidance on the ‘About Social Impact’ page at the bottom.

Creating an Outcomes Matrix

Below are 9 outcome areas covering a broad range of areas. What you need to do is select one of them and then the relevant outcomes linked to the ultimate goals you want to achieve.

Note: Having a clear theory of change will help, but with an ultimate goal in mind, work back along to the outcomes you think will help achieve the ultimate goal. Once you select the outcome you will be presented with a range of indicators to choose from.

You can also select beneficiary groups, and this will highlight suggested outcomes that relate to that specific group. Once completed you will need to register be able to save your outcomes matrix for future editing or download it to share with colleagues and edit further.

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Užimtumas, mokymas ir švietimas

Income and Financial Exclusion

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Citizenship and Community

Conservation and the Natural Environment

Housing and Local Facilities

Physical Health

Family, Friends and Relationships

Arts, Heritage, Sports and Faith